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Addressing Young Heroes and Future Leaders

Yaakov Gade being honored for his service at the concert.

October 7th has redefined us as a people. Our Aish Rabbis on campus have had to retool and deal with issues of anti-Jewish hate that we never could have imagined. At the concert, the Israelis in attendance were strengthened by knowing that American Jews are standing shoulder to shoulder with them.

The Next CEO of Aish is…

Rabbi Steven Burg addressing students at Michlalah Jerusalem College.

Between the thousands of young Jews dancing in the Kotel plaza this week and the thousands of young Jews studying in yeshivas and seminaries across Israel I am proud to report that the Jewish people have a bright future ahead of us. The next generation is ready to fight for Jewish values.

The Crucial Role of Love

Israel Entrepreneur trip in NYC

Aish Israel has been bringing groups of Israeli entrepreneurial millennials to the United States for the past few years. Fresh from their service in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) these young Israelis spend time getting to know leaders of American Jewry.

Inspiration from Washington

Ezra Friedlander with Rabbi Steven Burg in Washington

My day in Washington was truly a day of love. It was a day of focus on how to inculcate the love of the Almighty in young Jews. It was a day of receiving love and support from Senators in Washington. It was a day of hearing about a Catholic and former Marine’s love for Israel and the Jewish people.

An unexpected partner in bittersweet times

Nuseir Yassin with Rabbi Dov Ber Cohen on the roof of the Dan Family Aish World Center

Nas came to film at Aish and featured Rabbi Dov Ber Cohen giving pearls of wisdom throughout the 11-minute video. My favorite part was the focus on how Jews argue when they study Torah.

Never Again

Rabbi Steven Burg together with Bari Erber at the U.S. National Holocaust Museum

This past week the entire Jewish world commemorated Holocaust Remembrance Day, also known as Yom HaShoah. For so many years the Jewish community has focused on this date to remember our six million murdered brothers and sisters.

This is not the end of our story

Western Wall

This is not the end of our story. This is a challenge to be sure, but the Jewish people are resilient. We will find our way through these difficult times and will emerge stronger than ever. We must continue our efforts to stand by one another.

Thank You, Almighty

Article quoting Rabbi Steven Burg on Fox news

While I have been doing this for years, one of the media articles from this past week moved me tremendously. I was asked by Greg Wehner of Fox News to join a conversation regarding the attack on Israel by Iran.

Responding To Iran’s Attack Last Night

Rabbi Steven Burg on the news

Already for more than half a year Israel has been at war. Last night something unprecedented took place. Iran, for the first time in history, directly attacked Israel.

United As a People We Will Get Through This

Aish staff showing their support for IDF soldiers prior to their deployment to Gaza in October

The headlines are full of declarations by Iran and its proxies to attack Israel in horrific ways that have not yet been seen. Many are asking me what will be with the future of Jewry and Israel. It is within this spirit that I want to depart from my regular style of reporting on the important work within Aish and tell you what’s in my heart.