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Dan Family Aish World Center

Situated across from the Western Wall in the heart of Jerusalem’s Old City, The Dan Family Aish World Center features breathtaking views and soulful educational experiences for hundreds of thousands of visitors a year.

Aish Discovery

Aish's Signature Transformative Seminar

Discovery is the world’s most attended seminar in Jewish history. Our dynamic signature program challenges participants to rethink the way they view the world through the prism of Torah. Hundreds of thousands of Jews have been infused with a newfound connection to Judaism, discovering its depth, beauty, and practical significance in their daily lives. 

Aish Essentials

Essentials classes is a series of ongoing drop-in classes that explore critical topics such as God, religion, relationships, Jewish history, and philosophy. With world-renowned teachers and sought-after educators, each session offers diverse perspectives that will challenge and inspire you. Come join us and expand your knowledge while connecting with a community of like-minded individuals on a journey of personal growth and discovery.

Aish Destiny

Unique Israel Experiences

The Aish Destiny Israel Family Experience takes participants on a customized itinerary from North to South, Jerusalem, The Dead Sea, Masada, Golan Heights, and Tel Aviv. Our personalized programs are fun, educational and inspirational for both adults and children. Whether this is your first time or you are a frequent visitor this trip is unique. VIP access to the Dan Family Aish World Center and our world renowned Jewish educators will empower your family to connect to Jewish values and engage with Israel.

Executive Learning Center

A Spiritual Recharge for Today's Professional

ELC provides professional men and women the unique opportunity for individualized study with world-class educators. Hundreds of visitors enhance their Israel visit with a tailor-made learning schedule according to their interests and background. ELC includes VIP concierge service to handle local logistical needs and ensure a meaningful Israel trip.

Aish Yeshiva

Build a Strong Foundation

Hundreds of students come to the Aish Yeshiva each year for an in-depth learning experience. Our Yeshiva program includes six tracks: Foundations, Intermediate, Advanced Beis Medrash, EFG@Aish, Semicha and the Spanish Program. The Yeshiva offers highly personalized programs from learning aleph bet through rabbinic ordination. Tens of thousands of people have built their foundations as Jewish teachers, outreach professionals and heads of households during their time at Aish Yeshiva.


Post-High School Gap Year Program for Men and Women

EFG@Aish is a unique gap year program designed for post-high school students who are genuinely looking to spend a year growing in Judaism and seeking a complete and inspirational Israel experience with an emphasis on leadership development.