Erdan Leads Mock Passover Seder for UN Ambassadors, Invokes Ukrainian Freedom

Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations Gilad Erdan hosted an early Passover Seder at the UN. Over 50 UN Ambassadors from countries around the world including the US, Ukraine, Japan, Mexico, Argentina, and Hungary were served the traditional Passover meal and learned about the Seder, its meaning, rituals, and customs from leaders of Aish.

A Cholent Recipe Brought Me Back to Me

I came here on an “Aish Destiny Mission,” with 50 women who not only took a week off to study, learn, teach, refocus and reenergize but who waited to be able to come, slogged through COVID cancellations and moved around our schedules twice to be able to finally be here. And it all started with a cholent recipe.

Global Diplomats Learn About Abraham Accords in Israel

A Global Leadership Mission led by former Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations and World Likud Chairperson Danny Danon came to the Aish World Center during their final two days of an eight-day tour of the Middle East.

Two teens raise over $40K for Ukrainians

Aish Gesher students Shmuli Vladimirskiy and Eitan Kastner have raised thousands of dollars, recruited volunteers, sent supplies to Ukrainians in need, and are now helping those that have fled to Israel as well.

US Ambassador to Israel visits Aish

U.S. Ambassador to Israel Thomas Nides was confirmed just three months ago and is still spending time meeting many around the country. He made an introductory visit to the Dan Family Aish World Center on Tuesday, February 8 to become more familiar with Aish’s work with Jews around the world and to receive a brief tour of the iconic building and rooftop view.

Daf Yomi: A Symphony of Learning

Perhaps not directly participating in this discussion, but clearly addressing the crux of the concern, Rabbi Shraga Simmons, on published “5 Reasons Why “Daf Yomi” Electrifies the Jewish World.”

What to Give your Jewish Neighbors for Christmas

For starters, by getting to know Jewish people they meet, live near or work with. By learning about Jewish beliefs and practices. Websites such as and are invaluable guides.

Lobby to Strengthen Diaspora Launched in Knesset

Rabbi Yehudah Weinberg of the Aish Hatorah yeshiva noted that his father and Aish Hatorah founder Rabbi Noah Weinberg had dedicated his life to the new lobby’s goal, “to try as hard as possible to connect Jews from all the denominations and of all types to Judaism and the Land of Israel.”