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Was the Torah Written By God or Man?

Ninety-one-year-old Denver philanthropist Herb Buchwald partners with Aish to revamp, revitalize and redistribute the iconic Discovery Seminar.

‘Real Talk’ with Jamie Geller

On her show “Real Talk,” Hadassah Chen interviews Aish CMO Jamie Geller and they discuss how food and soul come together, how food unites people, and what all of that has to do with her ambitious role at Aish.

50 of Our Favorite Jewish Women Right Now

Among our favorite Jewish women across the world right now— Jamie Geller, American-Israeli award-winning television producer, celebrity chef, businesswoman, and most recently, the new Chief Media & Marketing Officer at Aish.

Rabbi Aryeh Markman: Connecting Jews to their Judaism

Aish, a kiruv organization, focuses on helping Jews connect to their Judaism. However, it’s not about them becoming observant. Rabbi Aryeh Markman and the other staff meet people on their level, showing them how Judaism can allow them to live to their fullest – and not take anything away from them.