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University of the Jewish People

As we close our fiscal year, I am amazed by how much we have accomplished together. We have worked hard to strengthen the Jewish nation in all corners of the globe. Our branches have reopened post Covid to service Jews in countries around the world. Through our outstanding, content driven efforts any Jew can study Jewish wisdom with us from their home or dorm room.



The Dan Family Aish World Center at One Western Wall Plaza has never been busier. Politicians, actors, influencers, philanthropists and every day people are continually accessing our roof to see the Temple Mount across the Kotel plaza. Our Aish Yeshiva and Seminary have received record applications for next year. We are currently servicing well over a thousand students in person, making us one of the largest educational institutions in Israel. Our online classes have added to that number and have allowed our students to continue their education from wherever they find themselves.



In short, Aish is the ‘university of the Jewish people.’ I walked into a meeting with one of our partners and while waiting, I started talking to one of the young men in the front office. When he heard I was the CEO of Aish, he jumped up and gave me a big hug. He brought me to his desk and showed me that he had opened on his computer. He told me that he had grown up “Jew-ish” with the emphasis on “ish.” He found himself traveling the world and connecting to other religions. He felt let down that his own religion did not have much to offer.

One day he was on TikTok and saw an Aish video. He thought it was cute and started to watch other Aish pieces of content. Next thing he knew he was devouring more Judaic content than he had ever thought possible. He then returned home and connected to a local synagogue and is now living a full, vibrant Jewish life. He said with a big smile: “Only Aish could have found me where I was.”



Every day millions of Jews are walking our streets with no knowledge of the beauty of our faith. Our job has always been to give every Jew a taste of what it is like to live a passionate Jewish life. This has all been due to the generosity of brothers and sisters like yourselves. You have allowed us to build one of the largest, most successful Jewish educational institutions in the world.

As our fiscal year comes to a close, we ask that all of you partner with Aish and add us to your philanthropic giving. By contributing to Aish, you are becoming part and parcel of the most dynamic movement in modern Jewish history. Please click this link and support our ability to be there for every Jew. I want to thank each and every one of you for your role in enabling us to reach AISHVision 2030.