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Think Jewish. Live Inspired.

One of the most important aspects of AishVision 2030 for me is having the opportunity to meet so many incredible leaders throughout the Jewish community. Everywhere I go, people are taken by our efforts to bring Jewish wisdom to the masses. I was blessed to be in Los Angeles for a brief trip where I got to meet Rabbi Mayer Schmukler and Dr. Matt Hintze, two phenomenal educators. They are the brain trust behind the new Jewish Educational Trade School (JETS),  an incredible university degree program in business for Jewish millennials. We were introduced by my dear friends, Phil Lieberman and Lori Miller.


Rabbi Burg with Rabbi Mayer Schmukler and Dr. Matt Hintze


We had a long conversation about how university accreditation works and possibilities within the larger Aish community. Given our massive presence online we are exploring how to deliver more substantive Judaic classes to the millions of subscribers that we currently have. I am looking forward to learning from JETS and expanding our scholarly footprint. 


We recently completed an effort to create a tagline for Aish. I believe that conveying our philosophy and strategy in the simplest terms possible is crucial given the scope of our work. Since you are my partners, I wanted to bring the tagline to you first so you can send me feedback. All responses to this email come straight to me so please feel free to comment!


Aish promotional graphic


Our new tagline is “Think Jewish. Live Inspired.” The first two words really sum up what we do. Aish’s goal for the past 49 years has been to offer Jewish wisdom in a clear and easily digestible manner. To unlock the secrets of the Torah to all who would like to immerse in its deep wellsprings. By studying Jewish wisdom you will come to “Think Jewish.” This means that you will view the world through the prism of morality and goodness. There is no greater blessing than to have one’s mind opened by ancient wisdom. In essence, “Think Jewish” is the goal of every Aish program across the board. 


The question ultimately though is: why should one think Jewish? What’s the benefit to the average person? How will “Thinking Jewish” affect my life? The answer is that by thinking through the framework of Jewish wisdom, you will then live an inspired life. A life where you are excited to find out what comes next. A life filled with goodness and happiness. A life filled with Godliness and holiness. A life filled with inspiration. 


I truly believe that this tagline “Think Jewish. Live Inspired” sums up how Aish will transform the world. The mission we are all a part of, given to us by the Almighty, is to leave the world a better place than we left it. Jewish wisdom is the tool. Living inspired is the goal. Please let me know what you think of our work. You are our partners. We cannot complete AishVision2030 without you. Let us move forward together inspiring the world.