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Standing Strong

Dr. Avishai Neuman, MK Ben Barak, and Rabbi Steven Burg

Later in the week, I attended the Hertog Forum for National Security war briefing by American and Israeli political and military leaders in Washington with my good friend Dr. Avishai Neuman.

Storming the Gates of Heaven Together With 5 Million Jews

Jamie Geller speaking with Rachel and Jon Golberg-Polin

We reached out to the group that is representing the families of the hostages to suggest how important it would be to try to get the entire Jewish world to pray together for their loved ones. The result was a program that brought Jews from every corner of the globe to say the Shema prayer, the central prayer of the Jewish people, together.

Old Friends and Rekindling Relationships

Rabbi Burg with Avi Jorich and Shai Romirowsky

Reconnecting with old friends is one of my favorite parts of my job. There is nothing like revisiting someone or a group from your past to see how they’ve grown and where they are today.

Thanking Those Who Stand With Us

Floyd Mayweather and Rabbi Burg at the Aish building

Aish eagerly offered to host the former boxing champion Floyd Mayweather, Jr. at the Dan Family Aish World Center when we were approached regarding his visit to Israel. We had hosted the “Champ” once before and have come to know him as a staunch supporter of Israel.

Nothing is Stronger Than the Broken Heart of a Jew

Aish leaders at the Shiva house of Yosef Gedulia

The founder of the Aish movement, Rav Noach Weinberg, was often quoted as saying “ If you don’t know what you are willing to die for, you haven’t really begun to live”. So many Jews have demonstrated that they are willing to die for one another. We are a family and family defends one another when attacked.

Shattered Hearts and Heartfelt Hugs

Aish students at the site of the Nova music festival

It was quite a week. It was a week of hugs and tears. It was a week of recommitting to the leadership of the Jewish people. It was a week of remembering what it means to be a Jew.

Shedding a Light Unto the Nations

Aish staff at a wedding

One of the highlights of working at Aish is attending the weddings of our students and staff. This past Sunday night our dynamic Aish New York Project Manager, Jessica Eckstein got married to Yudi Schechter.

Think Jewish. Live Inspired.

Rabbi Burg with Rabbi Mayer Schmukler and Dr. Matt Hintze

Everywhere I go, people are taken by our efforts to bring Jewish wisdom to the masses. I was blessed to be in Los Angeles for a brief trip where I got to meet Rabbi Mayer Schmukler and Dr. Matt Hintze, two phenomenal educators.

Climbing the Summit

Aish staff with Michelle and Bob Diener at their home

There is nothing more satisfying than seeing work that has taken years to accomplish come to fruition. I had such a moment this past week when nearly nine years of dedicated efforts at Aish seemed to come together in the most magnificent way at the first annual Aish Legacy Summit in Miami.

From the Brooklyn Nets to the White House

Rabbi Burg & Rabbi Mathias at the Brooklyn Nets

From Brooklyn I headed to Washington DC for a long overdue trip. I have been traveling to DC for the past few decades to represent the Jewish people on varying levels of political engagement.