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Join us for our incredible program of professional development, providing enrichment for mekarvim and an opportunity to learn new skills that will directly benefit the work we are all involved with. Reach out to Daniel Rose with any questions. 

Upcoming session

The Power of Video and Social Media

with Ari Kayser of Aish UK

Feb 1 at 11am EST

Monthly Professional Development Schedule

Dan Hazony

Dan Hazony, CIO

Salesforce in the Aish Branch: Tips and Tricks
Dec 14 | 1pm EST

  • Is the headache of implementing and managing Salesforce worth it for my branch?
  • Aside from keeping track of my donations, what can I use it for?
  • How do I make the experience user-friendly for my team?
Dov Ber Cohen

Rabbi Dov Ber Cohen

Meditation and Spirituality in your toolkit
Jan 4 | 2pm EST

Why do these topics speak to today’s generation and how can we make use of them, even if they don’t come naturally to us?

Including practical ideas for leading a group meditation

Aish UK Rabbi Kayser

Ari Kayser, Aish UK

The Power of Video and Social Media
Feb 1 | 11am EST

Aish UK has led the way in the online sphere. Hear about their journey, what they’ve learned and how all Aish branches can take advantage of the huge potential that exists.

Dovid Levine

Dr Dovid Levine, MS

Intro to Counseling
March 1 | 1pm EST

  • How to counsel and advise
  • How to maintain boundaries
  • When to refer to a professional

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