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Our Family is in Danger

Dear Aish Family,

Thank you to all of you who helped us achieve and surpass our goal of raising 3 million dollars in 48 hours in our 3for3 campaign. With your help, we surpassed our goal by $500,000! These funds are crucial as we strive to help 3 million Jews around the world achieve Jewish literacy. I was honored to address the 250 volunteers who were making calls in the Dan Family Aish World Center. Our campaign was not the only thing on my mind as I addressed the group on the situation in Ukraine.


Immediately before entering the campaign headquarters, I spoke with Rabbi Refael Kruskal, CEO of Tikvah Children’s Home in Odessa. He was in the Carpathian Mountains with many Jews that he had arranged to help evacuate. We spoke about the needs of Ukrainian Jewry. Money for buses to evacuate. Procuring food and water. I assured him that Aish will help. Refael agreed to speak to all of you on a zoom call that I will host this Sunday so we can work to educate our community as to how best to help our Jewish brothers and sisters.


When I spoke to our volunteers I thanked them for helping to raise money for Aish. I made it clear that immediately after we finished this campaign we would start a campaign to help the Jews of Ukraine. I pointed out that as Jews we have two responsibilities to our community. We must always take responsibility for both the spiritual and physical well-being of the Jewish people. Moses saved us spiritually by giving us the Torah. He also saved us from genocide and slavery in Egypt.

Our founder Rabbi Weinberg instilled in all of us these two important values. That is why so many organizations that continue to fight antisemitism and anti-Israel bias have come from our educational institutions. Jews must be protected and uplifted if we are to succeed in our global and timeless mission to be a light unto the Nations.



I left the campaign floor to attend the international board meetings of the Jewish Agency. Almost every conversation I had there revolved around Ukraine. It was so heartening to see so many diverse Jews focused on helping Jews they don’t know. From Chabad to UJA-Federation NY, the millions of dollars being raised and spent to support Jews was moving. There is no doubt that Jews are spirited and opinionated. Many times we find ourselves in vehement disagreement on almost every topic. There is one issue that unites us all. When Jews are in trouble we are there for each other. I urge all of you to please focus on the plight of Ukrainian Jewry and find ways to help. We must pray for peace and the cessation of fighting. There is nothing that the Almighty desires more than for peace and unity amongst his children.