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The Case for Operational Support

Amanda Mizrahi, the program officer for Aish from the Mayberg Foundation, and Dan Hazony, Chief Information Officer of Aish, discuss why the support for core infrastructure is so important.

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Remembering Rabbi Jonathan Sacks a Year After His Death

JUST ONE year ago, the world lost a different kind of ambassador. This Tuesday, the 20th of Heshvan, marks the first yahrzeit of Lord Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, of blessed memory. He was an inspiring orator, teacher and spiritual leader to countless individuals from all walks of life, and his loss was felt by people of every race, religion and nationality.

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Rabbi Melvin I. Burg, zt’l, Spiritual Leader Of Ocean Avenue Jewish Center

At the time, none of us knew that this would be his final full day on earth. The Almighty granted him one full day to minister to his beloved congregation as he had lived his life. My father was a soldier in the service of Hashem and he was granted permission to stand at his post one last time by his beloved General. I am forever grateful to the Creator for allowing him such a graceful exit.

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The Aish International CEO: A Conversation with R. Steven Burg

“A CEO trapped in a Rabbi’s body.”

In this frank, honest conversation, Aish HaTorah CEO Steven Burg shares the story of his career. Together with host R. Ari Koretsky, he explores his roots and track the realization of his potential while working for major global Jewish organizations.

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A Young Woman Went to the Doctor, and You Will not Believe What Happened There.

 (Hebrew) “לא ידעתי מה זה בדיוק יהדות”, מספרת ג’יין ל’אש התורה’. “ולמען האמת, הרבה יותר הטריד אותי שלא אוכל להישאר עם החברים.”
A one in a billion chance: What are the chances that the Dr. would find a lump right in the place I had randomly pointed to? I was petrified. How could this happen? It was utterly illogical….