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With hubs in over 130 cities in 11 countries on 6 continents, Aish is at the forefront of providing enlightening experiences for communities around the globe.

Aish Branches

Aish Branches are warm, welcoming communities where Jews of all backgrounds discover the timeless wisdom found in our Jewish heritage. Classes, Shabbatons, seminars, tutorials, synagogues, children’s programs, and much more are offered.

Hasbara Fellowships

Empower Activists for Israel

Aish is training top tier leadership to tackle the huge challenge of anti-Israel propaganda which is poisoning campuses everywhere. Hasbara Fellowships bring hundreds of students to Israel every year for intensive training in pro-Israel activism to effectively communicate Israel’s message.

Following the trips, Hasbara provides guidance and funding for pro-Israel activism on college campuses. To date, over 3,000 Hasbara Fellows from more than 250 colleges have become strategic thinkers, organizational leaders and innovative advocates for Israel on college campuses. Many continue after their college years to positions of leadership in the Jewish community.

Mothers with Meaning

A community of mothers based on social impact and Jewish values in Israel

Founded in 2015 by Michal Melamed-Cohen (1971-2018) together with 40 like-minded women from around Israel, Mothers with Meaning is a grass-roots community of community leaders.  Working closely with Aish Israel’s leadership, WMW empowers Israeli mothers to establish and lead local MWM communities of their own based on Jewish values, social change, and giving. Mothers with Meaning provides a stage for every member of the national community to work together to bring shared values and meaning to each other and those around them.

MWM has created a variety of powerful experiences based on Jewish values and social impact including: Week-long experiences in partnership with “Masa Israeli”, weekends for mothers and Bat Mitzvah daughters, and weekends for couples. With programs throughout Israel throughout the year, members empower other mothers to lead within their own community. Having met with mothers who are community leaders abroad, there is now interest in bringing Mothers with Meaning in the US.

Project Triumph

Israel Student Leadership training

The Triumph Leadership program is a multi-faceted initiative that connects young Israelis to Jewish activism, unity, and learning, empowering Israel’s young adult population to take responsibility for our nation and the global Jewish community.

Project Inspire

Grassroots Outreach Initiatives

By providing inspirational training and practical tools, Project Inspire galvanizes the Torah community to take more actively and productively engage with those less familiar with Judaism. To date, thousands have made outreach a part of their lives, whether by inviting guests for Shabbat experiences, becoming mentors on one-on-one phone study programs, or by innovating grassroots community initiatives.