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About Jamie Geller

Jamie Geller’s appointment as the Chief Media & Marketing Officer at Aish Global is a landmark moment, showcasing her extraordinary journey from an award-winning producer and marketing executive for HBO and CNN and culinary innovator to a key figure in Jewish media. Her background as the Founder and CEO of Kosher Network International (KNi), the #1 Global Kosher Food Media Company and the World’s Most Watched Jewish Food Network, highlights her immense influence in the media world. With an audience of 5 million and an impressive 1 billion views, Geller has established herself as a force in the global food media landscape.

Geller’s expertise extends beyond the culinary domain, as evidenced by her regular appearances on the Today Show and the morning show circuit. Her influence and thought leadership have been recognized by major publications such as the New York Times, Forbes, Family Circle, Cosmopolitan, and Yahoo, among others.

Balancing her professional success with her personal life, Geller is also a mother of six and an eight-time bestselling author. Her ability to juggle these roles speaks to her exceptional dedication to empowering Jewish people across the globe with meaningful Jewish experiences.

At Aish, Geller is tasked with spearheading the evolution of Aish’s vision to share timeless Jewish wisdom to Jews across the globe. This new role utilizes her vast experience and skills in digital media, global communications, and online community-building. Her vision is to expand Aish’s reach and impact, leveraging her expertise to create engaging, meaningful, and accessible Jewish content for a global audience. Geller’s role at Aish is not just about content creation; it’s about creating a global platform that connects and educates, bringing Jewish wisdom and values to the forefront of the digital age while making this information accessible, relevant and relatable to all.

Jamie Geller’s journey is a testament to the impact one can have by integrating personal passion with professional excellence. Her role at Aish represents a significant step in her career, promising to bring a fresh perspective and innovative approach to Jewish media and education.