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Posted 4 months ago

Aish Global is looking for an ambitious leader to join as the COO – our “Integrator” in the Entrepreneurial Operating System (“EOS”). Aish has a 10-year Vision of creating a worldwide culture of Torah learning, with 3 million Jews who are incorporating Jewish wisdom into their lives and sharing it with others. The COO will work with the CEO (Visionary) to distil this vision into executable strategies and be responsible for subsequent execution by the organization.
The COO is the 2nd in command and reports directly to the CEO. The candidate needs to have significant operational expertise and will utilize this expertise to operationalize growth and set business processes and accountability across the organization.
The COO needs to be an ambitious leader who will champion EOS within the company as Aish’s sole operating system for running the business and will serve as a crucial role model to everyone at Aish.

● Leverage the resources of Aish to achieve the vision and execute the strategic plan.
● Lead and manage the leadership team, which includes the CFO, Executive Director and Program Directors, and hold them accountable.
● Work in tandem with the CEO to anticipate trends, meet challenges head-on, and proactively evaluate our market and our level of success in that market.
● Inspire and lead continual improvement in efficiency, standardization, quality, and overall operational agility to ensure sustainable growth.
● As the primary driver for continued implementation of EOS, the Integrator will provide cadence, drive P&L, execute business plans, filter and translate CEO’s ideas into functional plans and provide organizational clarity.
● Resolve escalated internal issues, remove obstacles, and deploy resources, oversee multiple departments, and ensure processes are continuing to be updated and improved.
● Lead continuous growth year after year, through innovative solutions that are repeatable, scalable, and cost-effective.
● Act as a sounding board to the leadership team, help resolve issues and provide feedback for future growth opportunities. Provide inspiration and resources including training opportunities to foster and grow our team to become the best leaders they can be.
● Assure inter-departmental and inter-divisional integration and cooperation, with effective communication fostered across the diverse departments of the organization.

● Strong and supportive leader committed to organizational excellence and team & individual development.
● A demonstrated history of strong management and administrative skills, with leadership experience in for-profit businesses.
● Comfortable with conflict and able to identify, address and solve problems in a practical manner. Able to handle big personalities smoothly, resolve issues effectively and ensure leadership is healthy, functional and cohesive.
● Ability to prioritize and manage multiple areas of responsibility concurrently.
● Strong communication skills with a demonstrated capability in collaborating and influencing across a global organization.
● Passionate about the Aish Vision and wants to change the world and make a difference (i.e., not just looking for a job).
● Fully and enthusiastically committed to EOS as Aish’s methodology for running the business.
● Embraces the Aish Core Values:
○ Be Genuine and Growth-oriented
○ Take Responsibility
○ Work with others and look for the win/win
○ Strive to be Innovative
○ Bring the WOW factor to every customer experience
● Lives in Israel or planning to relocate to Israel.
● Prior experience of working with EOS an advantage.

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